Chef Amelia Antonucci-Fisher has been working in a kitchen since she could walk. She grew up cooking under her parents, who opened their first restaurant together in 1978, the year Amelia was born. It was called The Strawberry Patch, and it was a staple in Athens, Ohio. Amelia started collecting Bon Appetit magazines at age 16, and knew from a very young age that one day she wanted to open her own place. After managing the family restaurant with her sister for a decade, she moved to the Big Island at age 27. Amelia expanded her skills by working with local ingredients and fresh fish in two different restaurants in South Kona, all the while  scouting for a restaurant space to fulfill her dream. In 2011, she found the perfect space for The Strawberry Patch Hawaii, on Mamalahoa Highway just south of Kainaliu. She’s been entertaining satisfied customers ever since.

In the fall of 2014, Amelia expanded the restaurant and now offers more seating for eager foodies and coffee-enthusiasts alike. Her father always told her to start business small, and let the size grow as the business grow. That’s exactly what Amelia has done. The expansion is a chance for Amelia and her staff to embody all the ideas that have been accumulating over the years, such as a full-service espresso bar, outdoor seating, and hosting special events like rehearsal dinners and bridal showers.

Most well known for her creative appetizers, fresh colorful salads, savory pasta dishes, and freshly baked desserts, Chef Amelia features daily specials in addition to her regular menu. Everything is cooked to order, making vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other requests available for customers with dietary restrictions. Check out Amelia’s catering options, or come in for dinner and dessert, but either way, be sure to say hello at the kitchen door on your way out. Aloha!

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